Project Polis (Dev Journal #4): Resource acquisition and production — Polis – Dev Blog

Having laid the foundations for our gameplay systems, we can now focus on implementing the mechanics behind the resource acquisition and production. After all we need resources to sustain our population and expand our city. By resource acquisition we mean the process by which we remove a resource from the environment (natural resource) and place … [Read more…]

Project Polis (Dev Journal #3): Coroutines, Tasks, Building Construction — Polis – Dev Blog

In our previous dev journals we discussed the hex grid generation process for Polis, how we utilized Unity’s ScriptableObject to separate the data that define the various game objects from their run-time behaviour and we dived a bit deeper into the details of our core gameplay mechanics. Now that we have a better understanding of what we are … [Read more…]

Project Polis (Dev Journal #2): Resources, Buildings and the UI

In the first dev blog post of Polis we went through the first two weeks of the project where our focus was mainly on getting the hexagon grid working, generating the terrain and mountains procedurally and splitting the generation on various factories, each responsible for part of the generation (grid, tile, terrain, vegetation, etc). The next … [Read more…]

Re-designing the terrain editor

For my master thesis project I developed a terrain editor application to test whether metaballs and 3D noise can be used to procedurally model complex terrain structures such as arches, overhangs and cliffs. Various metaballs were placed in the 3D space to define the overall look of the terrain structure and Perlin noise was applied … [Read more…]