KamiEditor (Work in Progress)

Blinn-Phong specular lighting & normal mapping

This is a project that I started about a year ago and actively working on for the past couple of months redesigning, refactoring and implementing new features. See more.

Master thesis project

TerrainEditor 2013-01-07 00-11-52-90

This is the project I worked on during my master thesis. I worked with OpenGL and OpenCL to make a tool that would allow me to model various complex terrain structures entirely on the GPU, using 3D Perlin noise and the marching cubes algorithm to polygonise the volume. See more.

DirectX 10.0 project

DirectX 10.0 project

This is a project I worked on during the second semester in my postgraduate degree. For this one I wrote a little rendering framework around Direct3D 10 and implemented a little module that allowed me to generate simple procedural terrain and place some vegetation around. Additionally using render to texture I implemented a simple Depth of Field effect. See more.

“Mirror”, PS3 game prototype


This is a puzzle platformer prototype we developed during our second semester for the PS3 using Sony’s PhyreEngine The developing team consisted of four programmers, three artists, a designer and a producer and worked to develop this prototype during the course of 12 weeks.. See more.